Superwomen_CoverEncouraging entrepreneurial thinking, motivating innovators to take the plunge, and inspiring women to break their shells – Prachi Garg puts together life-stories of 20 superwomen in her maiden book.

Superwomen by Prachi Garg is a recent release by Srishti Publishers, one of the leading names in Indian publishing. It endorses the idea that entrepreneurship is inherent in women and describes how they have a tremendous capacity to take risks in everything in their life, and how all they need is just a trigger!

These twenty women entrepreneurs nurtured their innate quality of entrepreneurship and made real what remains a far-fetched dream for most. These ladies come from the age group of 20-30 years as this is most crucial age when women go through tremendous societal pressure of marriage/kids/jobs. The USP of the book is the spirit with which these women have fought all odds as well as the society to reach where they have.

Their innovative ventures encompass a varied range of services in social to retail/ e-tail to educational to sustainability genres – from supporting victims of acid attacks, to providing free skin care solutions; from online retail of lingerie, handmade bags and fashion accessories, to eco-friendly products of everyday utility; from pet care products, to quirky merchandise; from empowering folk artists, to providing clinical assistance to those going through tough times; from image consulting to house hunting; from arty solutions, to innovative marketing and corporate communication; from creating happy readers to making religious ceremonies simpler – these entrepreneurs have opened avenues formerly unexplored.

Superwomen is an interesting journey of how they played all their roles to perfection, aligning their families with their ambitions, showing the world their true mettle.

Entrepreneurs and their start-ups highlighted in Superwomen:

  • Medhavi Gandhi’s Happy Hands
  • Make Love Not Scars by Ria Sharma
  • Your D.O.S.T by Richa Singh
  • Masoom Minawal’s Style Fiesta
  • Pitaraa by Rachana Nagaranee
  • Zivame by Richa Kar
  • Tappu KiDukaan by Sneha Raisoni
  • Rustic Art co-founded by Swati Maheshwari and Sunita Raju
  • Quirky illustrations and Funky merchantdise by Alicia Souza
  • Anisha Singh’s Mydala
  • Perfect Life Spot by Charnita Arora
  • Falak Randerian’s My Little Chatterbox
  • Imagenie by Geetika Chadha
  • Grabhouse by Pankhuri Srivastava
  • Heads Up for Tails by Rashi Narang
  • Saumya Vardhan’s ShubhPuja
  • Ittisa by Sneha Sharma
  • Dr. Surbhi Mahajan’s Dermatocare
  • Pink Lemonade by TIna Garg
  • Think Creative AdSolutions by Vidula Kothare

About Prachi Garg

Prachi Garg is a writer, avid traveler and entrepreneur. She started, an enterprise where the team organizes corporate tours based on the customers’ requirements, budget and provide them with a bouquet of options. This initiative was taken up by her during college days. She also delivered workshops on entrepreneurship and has been part of panel discussions related to entrepreneurship. has been covered by YourStory, The Indian Express, Femina and many other leading publications. Recently she has been featured by Exhibit Magazine as one of the women who made it big online. She also takes up queries related to entrepreneurship at

She also kick started a journal “Managing Minds”, that caters to the need of Tier II & Tier III MBA aspirants which failed. She has been associated with EETIndia group, DD News and has been freelancing for HT Horizons for quite some time.

A computer science graduate from Miranda House, University of Delhi, and an MBA from Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai, she lives in Delhi and can be reached at

About Srishti Publishers

Srishti stands for creation, and has been referred since time immemorial to the creation of the world by Brahma. Srishti Publishers was set up with the objective of creating a unique set of books that provide unmatched reading pleasure to people across the country. The core objective of the company is to provide a platform to first-time writers – young in age and at heart. In the last eighteen years, Srishti has been the debut platform for many bestselling authors like Preeti Shenoy, Durjoy Dutta, Ravinder Singh, Harsh Snehanshu, Abhimanyu Jha, Novoneel, to name a few. The next generation of bestselling authors from their banner includes Anurag Garg, Bhaavna Arora, Anuj Tiwari, S.V. Divvaakar, K. Hari, Disha and many more.

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