YEF – Tell us a bit about yourself and your background?

Ashis – After completing my Engineering in 2009 from BPUT in Odisha, I took up a job with a reputed MNC in Bangalore. It was a tough year for Freshers as the economy was in Recession but my skills helped me get the job. The progress was quite fast and I soon moved to Toronto, Canada to work directly with the clients.

But the entrepreneurial bug had bitten me since my school days and I always wanted to do something more than just a job can provide. So in 2015, equipped with a great idea and the support from my Co-Founders, I quit my high paying Job in Toronto and moved back to Bangalore to start Nexhop.

YEF – Why an entrepreneur, y not a high paying job?

Ashis – Entrepreneurship allows you to solve real life problem. You see a problem, just go ahead and solve it. The satisfaction of solving a real burning issue and providing a solution where others see a problem is what I look as a real success.

YEF – What inspired you to start your own businesses?

Ashis – It was the problem that gave birth to Nexhop.

The biggest problem Brick and mortar stores are facing today is losing their customers to online players. In many cases, they sell online, however the customer belongs to the online seller.

Team in Office  Team Nexhop

YEF – What is your company into and what problem does it solve?

Ashis – We solve a big problem for the Offline stores in a very simplified manner. Nexhop supports Offline retailers to integrate modern technology into the sales processes so that they can add, engage and retain their online customers and stand strong in the fast moving world of e-commerce.

YEF – Tell us more about your brand name?

Ashis – Nexhop is the short form of Next-Shop that translates to Next-door shopping. Our focus is to bring the nearby stores online and make them available to the customer and give them access to the online customer base. The name truly relates to the pain point of the retailers as they are trying to move to the online marketplace model and compete with online websites.

YEF – How did the idea for your company come about?

Ashis – The idea was originally conceptualized in 2014 when I and my other co-founders Benny and Surajit were working in Toronto, Canada. To turn our dream into action, I left my job in Toronto and moved back to India in early 2015.

YEF – What are key services you are providing which are differentiator from the rest?

Ashis – We provide a complete solution for retailers to engage with their customers seamlessly at a very nominal cost.

YEF – What is the pricing strategy and marketing strategy you have been using?

Ashis – We are in the market since last four and half months and making revenues. We are a subscription-based platform.

We have validated our model in Bangalore with close to 100 stores and our customer end application on Android and IOS have 4000+ customers.

YEF – Your current target regions and future plans?

Ashis – We are currently in the process of recruiting our ground marketing team. We will soon be adding few more cities in India.  We are also in conversation to expand to American region through partnerships.

YEF – What do you think are the most important factors that will make your company a success?

Ashis – Passionate Team, Great Mentors and Awesome Product

YEF – Who are your role models?

Ashis – Never thought of having a role model. We can learn from everything we see around us. Whether it’s an ant or a human.

YEF – What words of advice would you give to other young entrepreneurs?

Ashis – Be an entrepreneur, only if you want to experience the roller coaster ride in your life 😉

YEF – What do you think about this initiative of youth entreprennovators forum?

Great initiative. I feel YEF is doing a great job by promoting young entrepreneurs.

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