YEF –  Tell us a bit about yourself and your background?

Raghav – My name is Raghav Sarda. I graduated in 2014 and did my bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from the University Of Nottingham. I pursued my career in Mechanical Engineering working at Motherson Sumi (MATE) as a trainee engineer. Coming from a entrepreneurial background I was always wanted to work myself but had no knowledge how to. To gain insights into the working of the company I started working with a few startups. Working in my previous job at Limetray (food – tech) I met a colleague of mine Madhav Shankar (co – founder at Medzin), we were both wanting to get into business and that’s how Medzin was born.

YEF – Why an entrepreneur, y not a high paying  job?

Raghav – Well, that’s a question we ask ourselves everyday or rather our families do (Beta, why are you wasting your life away? Only 10% of startups survive and only 1% make it big). All four promoters (me, Vishnu Shankar, Suyash Mohan, Madhav Shankar) we are passionate about what we are doing and know that this is the right step and we can affect millions through our concept.

And, we do love a challenge – I mean who does not 🙂

IMG_4562 (1) Founders of Medzin

YEF – What inspired you to start your own businesses?

Raghav – Well, my inspiration was my father. He started his business very young in a field that was very non – existent at that time and today only a handful of people do it or have the knowledge to run it. As I mentioned, entrepreneur is in my blood (well all say that, but its true)

YEF – What is your company into and what problem does it solve?

Raghav – We at Medzin are a Online Healthcare Aggregator. We connect consumers to nearby healthcare facilities such as Pharmacies, Healthcare Stores, Doctors and Labs providing them with ease and convenience of placing an order/booking an appointment and doorstep delivery.

In today’s world with rising prices, rising health problems there is bound to be financial problems we provide our customers with an experience that wants them to come back to us again and again.

YEF – Tell us more about your brand name?

Raghav – Medzin actually came from the word Medicine itself. We wanted to give it a name that actually represents what we are doing but at the same time has to get stuck in their mind when they think about Medicine.

At Medzin, we are on a mission to simplify healthcare by making it

  1. a) Affordable: Medzin offers a wide range of healthcare products to consumers at highly competitive prices while maintaining quality standards promoting the philosophy of ‘Nurturing Wellness’.
  2. b) Accessible: Medzin aims at creating an online ecosystem for the consumer (rural or urban) allowing them to order healthcare products from the comfort of their home and,
  3. c) Instant: At Medzin, we believe that the key is to have a efficient delivery mechanisms, allowing us to deliver the product within 2 hours. Medzin is focused to not only deliver healthcare products but also acts as a bridge to close the knowledge gap of consumer’s buying healthcare products helping them get the best medical care

YEF – How did the idea for your company come about?

Raghav – Madhav Shankar, my colleague, his father was a cancer patient and had to regularly consume medication which was very expensive. So he started researching and found out that the same medicine was imported into India at a very less amount (almost a 300% margin), so we though to ourselves something needs to be done. That is how we started the idea of developing a system which could benefit many and provide them incentive over their healthcare purchase.

13699526_1140285316010568_2010827040_o  Team Medzin

YEF –  What are key services you are providing which are differentiator from the rest?

Raghav – Major Challenges in the Online Healthcare Industry –

– Availability of Medicines In your Areas (You want it now but it is not available in your local store, where it is the best chance of finding it)

– Order Placing and Processing Time is very Huge (Long) – Online Pharmacy or Healthcare take a lot of time to source the item as there is no knowledge transfer with the asset.

– Still using traditional method to Track your order. Calling to find out where have you reached?? We understand it is painful.

At Medzin, we have looked at all of these problems and this is how we address them,

– We aggregate our assets into different locations across Delhi, allowing us to be present in the locality of the customer and source out the product with ease and also this reduces our delivery time to a large extent and decreases the cost also.

– At Medzin, we make it a point to Tap the Inventory of the Pharmacy which enables us to automatically source the order without any human intervention.

– We have provided the customer with a In – App Tacking Mechanism enabling the user to know where his order is at all time so stop worrying!

Medzin is made not only to benefit the retailer’s but also provide comfort to the customer.

YEF – What is the pricing strategy and marketing strategy you have been using?

Raghav – We are Location Based Service and connect our customers to their nearby shop maintaining the trust of the customer. That’s how we are getting across to our customers and connect with them. We have been using tradition methods of Flyering, Push Notification Facebook Ads and tie – ups to reach out to our customers.

YEF – How’s the business going on and who are your key clients?

Raghav – Business is growing day by day. We are a early stage startup and are looking to raise funds to ramp up growth. We have tied up with major players like Dr. Batra’s, Patanjali, VLCC and other brands.

YEF – Your current target regions and future plans?

Raghav – Target Region  – Delhi

Future Plans is to expand and get across to as many consumers as we can and let them know about our service. Focussing on the points below.

YEF – What do you think are the most important factors that will make your company a success?

Raghav –

– Efficient Delivery and Service

– Convenience of Placing of Order

– Availability of Products (Meeting Consumer Demand)

– Most Importantly – Continuous Engaging with Consumer

YEF –  Who are your role models?

Raghav – My Father – Mr. Rahul Sarda. the greatest entrepreneur I know.

YEF –  What words of advice would you give to other young entrepreneurs?

Raghav – Well, I believe that you should believe in what you doing. The world will point out thousands of things that are wrong – take the good pointers and continue along. If everybody could do it, you would have not been what you are.

YEF – What do you think about this initiative of youth entreprennovators forum?

Raghav – I think it’s great – getting together young people with experienced profession – onto a single forum. Helping build successful businesses because good mentor-ship is important.

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