Legistify earlier know as “Getlegal” which solves legal queries has raised seed funding from group of angel investors for next growth level strategies and new features strategies. Legistify is an open platform for everyone to discuss and enquire about all their “legal queries”. Be it business related or personal you get quick, useful and reliable advice from experienced lawyers and law students across the nation. A unique platform to find your future lawyer/legal consultant and get legal work done up and fast through outsourcing or other channels/services soon to be launched on the website. It serves the purpose for lawyers to connect with their future clients and get noticed for their work and achievements by their contemporaries. We also aim at providing the big exposure that students currently pursuing law deserve and we give them a platform to share their wisdom and learn from others and get noticed in the legal arena even before actually stepping into it. Major problems that Legistify addresses-

  • Limited access to quick and reliable legal advisory in India
  • Highly expensive and cumbersome legal consultancy
  • Absence of a self-sustainable community for hands on legal advice and suggestions
  • The difficulty to find the right lawyer for you due to absence of a structured database
  • No platform to connect law students with lawyers to give them the exposure to learn
  • An online hassle free platform for forging legal documents and legal outsourcing

Akshat Singhal (Founder, CEO, BITS PILANI) “We are an online legal facilitation platform. As the founder I have been working on this for about 1.5 years now. We started off with a simple QnA platform when we were in college. After having a positive response and mass acceptance of the platform we started developing technology backed services which could help users to solve their legal problems sorted. When the team got out of college we immediately decided to devote ourselves full time, with a common belief to bring innovation in the legal industry which has long been restricted in the chains of convention. Legistify raised a seed round from a few angel investors in December 2015. We want to keep the amount and the name of the investors undisclosed due to certain reasons and strategies that we have decided upon to implement in the near future.”

Online Agreement Making: The very first service that they have launched following the investment round is nation’s first completely automated legal agreement making platform. Users visit the site, choose a particular agreement of their choice and fills up questionnaire giving us specific details. Please note that this is not a boilerplate document, our system creates the entire document for the user from scratch based on their answers. They give a 15 days warranty to the user where he/she can recreate an ordered  agreement if they had earlier entered any wrong information for free within this period.Also your first agreement is absolutely free. As improvisations to the existing platforms you will shortly see more agreements on the site that can be made, online signing options, addition of custom clauses in your agreement from a team of lawyers etc.

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Other Services: They would soon be launching a legal research section which would be a knowledge aggregator on legal topics containing Q&A, blogs, articles and other things. This would help educate users especially young startups and entrepreneurs to understand legal domains affecting them or their business growth. They are also working on getting a user-lawyer mobile application out in the market soon to create India’s only and biggest legal marketplace.

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Team: Akshat Singhal (Founder, CEO, BITS PILANI) Ritesh (COO, BITS PILANI) Abhinav Gaur (CTO, BITS PILANI) 7 other members/interns/employees

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